Finding the right diaper size

Babies come in all shapes and sizes… so our diapers do too! It may take some testing before you find the right size for your baby. Use our diaper calculator below to know an average of how many diapers are used per day.

Diaper Calculator

  • lbs
  • kgs

Use our diaper calculator to find the right size (plus how many diapers you will need!

Suggested Size*:

Size 1
3 - 5kg
6 - 11lbs
Size 2
4 - 8kg
9 - 18lbs
Size 3
6 - 11kg
13 - 24lbs
Size 4
10 - 15kg
22 - 33lbs
Size 5
13 - 18kg
28 - 39lbs
Size 6
16+ kg
35+ lbs

Average diapers per day**:

per day

*If the Millie Moon sizing calculator is recommending two sizes, we would suggest choosing the smaller size option, as our diapers do run slightly larger. If you have any questions, our customer care team are here to help.

**The average diapers per day for the size is a recommendation only. The number of diapers required may vary from baby to baby.

Size Guide

Use our helpful size guide to find the right fit for your little one.

  • lbs
  • kgs

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